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This includes pop punk, old school punk, and just straight up punk!






Date Reviewed

MxPx Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo A&M 9 Pop punk in the JC style 1-98
Ninty Pound Wuss Where the Meager Fie of Self Interest Tooth and Nail 8 Old school punk with a new school flare 1-98
Slick Shoes Burn Tooth and Nail 8 What can I say? Ol' skool meets new skool. 1-98
Huntingtons The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Tooth and Nail 7 Ramones style punk 1-99
Fan Mail Here Comes Fan Mail EP Tooth and Nail 9 Awesome alternative punk..even has a Sting song!  RAWK! 3-99
90lbs Wuss Tooth and Nail 9 Great new stuff...even adds a little techno vibe in the start!'ll like it. 5-99
Dogwood More then Conquerers Tooth and Nail 8.5 Fast yet melodic powerpunk, straight up for Christ 7-99