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Soul Productions is a Christian music review page that prides itself in a nice design, easy click through set-up, and a hassle free review pages.  We all go to look at online magazines with the slow loading text.  Soul Productions takes you right to the release, gives a numerical review, and a short comment.  If you wanted to go and get more info about the band, you can start at this site to get a quick low down on the band.  We give it honest, but we're not cruel.  We've been in bands and groups before, and we review each group for their ability, styling, and flare..not the quality of the release or anything that is beyond their reach.

Soul Productions is also a 'company' in ways.  We want to bring Christian music, and Christian bands out into the eyes and ears of the world.  Not to make money, but to save souls!  In doing this we've formed Bloodtreaty Records and SolidOak Records, and currently signed a new label called Scaryman Records.  With these labels we will hopefully bring Christian music to all those who are willing to listen.

Watch for more ministry from Soul Productions!