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The Juliana Theory

This CD is just so awesome that I had to write a full review for it.  I was expecting this to be a great CD because there is an awesome talent there.
From beginning to end the guitar work, drums, bass, and ESPECIALLY the vocals were cutting edge and huge.  The thick  guitars of Jeremiah Momper and Joshua Fielder creates the perfect mood.  Even when the guitars aren't in grind mode, the clean harmonies they create just pick up your spirit and makes everything around you disappear.  The bass done my Chad Alan create an awesome low end that helps this sound to be melodic.  The drumming of Neil Hebrank keeps this pure emotional band driving and driving.
And last, but FAR from least, is the creamy vocals of Brett Detar.  You may have remembered his guitaring expertise in the emocore band Pensive, or the metal core legend Zao.  But now you'll hear not his great guitar, but his beautiful emo voice.  The way he writes his lyrics and puts them to song just draws the listener into this world of Juliana Theory.
In case you didn't notice, I am very very impressed with this band.  I gave them an impossible 10.5 for this CD.  I suggest you snag this bad boy us as soon as you can get your hands on it, because they WILL go far...guaranteed.