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Hardcore(hxc) This includes hardcore and rapcore and emocore...and that's it.    






Date Reviewed

Uphold Constant Use Blank 9 Great hxc with sorta hip-hop 9-98
Unashamed Reflections Tooth and Nail 10 The fore-fathers of SxFxHxC 1-98
Overcome When Beauty Dies Tooth and Nail 9 Awesomely heavy hxc 1-98
Blindside Selftitled Solid State 8.5 Hip-hop hxc yet not 1-98
Selfmindead Selftitled Solid State 9 Crazy rapcore style 1-99
Project 86 Selftitled BEC Records 9.5 rapcore galore 5-98
Six Feet Deep the road less traveled REX 10 hxc that you will want to listen to more 1-98
Pensive the subtlety of Silence 2 Jake 9 Brett Deter(Zao, Juliana Theory) in his first band..excellent 1-98
Vessel demo independent 9 rapcore from Youngstown Ohio(awesome) 1-98
(Terra Firma)
demo  Hope Against Hope  8 hxc  that praise JC all the time 1-98
Stretch Armstrong Solid State 9.5 Old school meets new school meets a bit of the. . . classical.  Good stuff. 5-20-99
Frodus Conglomerate International Tooth and Nail 9 Different, energetic hxc that just make you wanna jump around and hurt yourself. 5-20-99
No Innocent Victim Flesh and Blood Victory(non-Christian Label) 9 Old school hXc the way it was ment to be! 7-99
Warlord Rock the Foe Hammer Solid State 7 Chaolic hXc that's different from the normal everyday hXc. 7-99