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Metal This includes deathmetal, goth, metalcore, blackmetal, heavy metal, and any other extreme music.    






Date Reviewed

Mortification Primitive Rhythem Machine Intense 10 Excellent Aussie grindmetal 1-98
Zao Where Blood and Fire Brings Rest Solid State 10 metalcore deluxe 8-98
Zao Splintered Shards, the Birth of Seperation Solid State 10 metalcore that's just to cool 1-98
Living Sacrifice Reborn Solid State 9.5 grindcore is all that matters 1-98
Embodyment Embrance the Eterneral Solid State 9.5 Deathmetal from Texas..wowie stuff 8-98
Embodyment demo Independent 9.5 Some of the heaviest deathmetal 1-98
Training for Utopia Plastic Soul Impalement Solid State 8.5 Chaotic metal 1-98
Training for Utopia
Split CD Solid State 9
Excellent split for these two monsters 5-98
Necromanicide Hate Regime Pony 8 Malaysia has some cool metal! 1-98
Sacrificium demo independent 8 Deathmetal..heavy stuff 1-98
Circle of Dust Disengage Flying Tart 9 Wow, metal stuff like Manson 1-98
kLANk Still Suffering Tooth and Nail 9.5 Do you like Rob Zombie? Try this! 1-98
Galactic Cowbodys Machine FIsh Metal Blades 10 Awesome heavy metal from down south 1-98
Spitfire The Dead Nextdoor Solid State 9 Fast raging guitars with really mean vocals.  Wow. 5-20-99
Living Sacrifce Self Titled Solid State 9 WoW!  Great Slayeresq music from back when they were kids! 7-99