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Christian vs Christian

As you sit in church next time, look around you.  What are the people like in your church?  Are they loving?  Do they look upon their fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord with kindess?
I've noticed something about the Christian world today that I'd like to address in this article.  Christian's are NOT very receptive of eachother. Some of the most rude people are unforcunately Christians!  I was so shocked as I grew that people who seem to love God so much, and be so cold toward other believers.
You know why people are so bigoted against eachother?  Do they follow a different God?  No, it's that there are belief differences about whether or not someone is 'holy'!  Isn't that amazing?
Let me tell you something now.  Being a Christian is not how holy someone is.  If it where up to that, then we'd all burn in hell!  No lie.  Jesus said,"For all have sinned and came short of the glory of God."  Even one little sin..even a small one..won't allow us to go to heaven.  It's a bummer that if I flick a booger on someones windshielf, I would burn in hell!  But if you think about it, why would God let corruption into an uncorrupted place anyway?  That would be a real dumb idea, and God is far from being stupid.
So tell me, all you 'holier-than-you' Christians(NOTE:this does not mean that all Christian's are 'holier-than-thou' Christians).  If even a little thing like a flicked booger can make someone burn in Hell, then how do you think YOU'RE going to go to heaven?  No amount of 'Hail Marys', confessing your sins to a preist, water baptisms, no matter how much you go to church, how much you give, how nice you are.  No matter WHAT you're still a sinner.  That guy that cuts you off when you're driving and you think something like,"why I outta _________"...well...that would have condemned you to hell.  So, what makes you so great?  Why are you exempt from heaven?  One reason.  Because Jesus died on the cross for you, and accepting Him into your heart is the only way to get into heaven.  So get off your high-horse.  No where in the Bible does it say that people that where baggy pants are condemned to Hell.  No where does it say someone with long hair is condemned.  No where does it say that facial piercings are wrong..tatoos are wrong..goatees are wrong.  No where.  So why does everyone have to look exactly like you to get to heaven??
Also, music is a big bigotry these days that make teens want NOT to be with God because they think that they have to be all listening to old hymns to be Godly.  No way!  I know TONS of bands that you can listen to, get fed, AND have a great time.  Like rock?  Try bands like DC Talk, Newsboys, Bleach, Skillet, Jars of metal?  Zao, Unashamed, Hearken, Necromanacide...I can go on forever about Christian bands.  But God does not condemn any style of music.  "Let everyman praise the Lord" "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord"  Where does it say,"So God sayeth, only play old hymns"?  No no no no no...God enjoys all music.  No matter what.  It is the condition of the heart that matters, not the style of music.  If Sacrificium(Christian deathmetal band) got up on stage praising God in their hearts as they praised Him in music...then that's great!  Now is Cannible Corpse(worldly gore deathmetal)got on stage and played..yuck!  That is not praising the Lord on bit.  I know I make no sence...but I'm sure God will work it out.