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This includes, rock, hardrock, swing, ska, grunge, emo, electronica,  and pop.







Date Reviewed

Krush Self Titled Independent 7 Good hardrockin grooves 1-98
Aleixa Honeylake Liquid Disc 9 Excellent mix of electronic and rock 5-98
Reflector Mud Records 7.5 Nice weirdo electronica 1-98
Echoing Green Self Titled Sarabellum 8 Groovie electronic dance 9-98
Royal My Dear Tooth and Nail 9 Pretty emo w/male and female singers 11-98
Pep Squad Yreka Bakery BEC Records 8 Fun and peppy pop rock 1-99
The W's Fourth From Last Sarabellum 9 Excellent swing stuff for your party 1-99
Bleach Space Forefront 9.5 Grunge rock that rawks 1-98
Skillet Hey You... Forefront 9 techno rock  1-98
Blackball Super Heavy.. Metro One 9.5 Great grunge rock 1-98
Brandtson Letter Box Deep Elm 10 Beautiful emo rock 1-98
Five Iron Frenzy Upbeats and.. Sarabellum 9.5 Funny Ska/Swing 1-98
Jars of Clay Much Afraid Essential 9 Glorious pop 1-98
Rebbecca St. James God Forefront 10 Pop rock that's straight forward 1-98
Leaderdogs for the Blind Lemonade REX 10 If you can find this CD, buy it right away! 1-98
The Juliana Theory Understanding This Dream Tooth and Nail
Emo like you've never heard before!  WONDERFUL! 3-99
Joy Electric Children of the Lord Maxi-Single BEC Records 9 The great pop electronic dance that Praises the Lord! 3-99
Joy Electric CHRISTIANsongs BEC Records 9.5 The upcoming full's great! 3-99
Good Night Star Self Titled Plastiq Musiq 9 Beautiful soft synth music 7-99